Thursday, May 1, 2014

On being a mum!

Several thoughts were racing through my mind when I first discovered that I was pregnant. Yes, like any lady I was full of all kind of emotions when I first got to know about it. Couldn't believe, couldn't cry or jump in joy but tears rolled down on my cheeks and suddenly I had a feeling which I could not be explained. Something inside me changed. I started making plans of what, how, when and so on...

Funny things as part of this journey..was my sense of smell increased to the extent that i could clearly pick out someone who was not wearing any sort of colonge or deo. Yuck!

Jokes apart i will not bog down anybody with my symptoms because will share those in another write-up. There were sevreral other female employees who were already a mom. Looking at so many working moms i too decided to join back work post 6 months after delivery. But fate had different plans for me. My baby grew so fond of me infact we both grew so fond of eachother that I chose to become a stay at home mommy. Not that i am taking away the credits of any working mom; but a 24×7 momma has got no leaves in her kitty unlike a working person.

But tell you what it would have been a lot easier if I had formula fed my baby and hired a maid. Doing all the chores and nursing my tot left me famished and irritated. I had hardly any time for myself. Stealing time away from my baby to have a cuppa coffee was a distant dream, let alone shopping and movies and dining out were only taking place in my dreams. To top it all I had put on weight which refused to leave me...lolzz. Thanks to one of the lady doctors who had suggested no....actually forced me to take protein supplements. There! i had to deal with physical stress and still fathom the fact that i had t quit my  job owing to motherhood. After all babies grow up with the blink of an eye and moreover, i didn't want to miss out on any of her milestones.

Now after all these hullabaloo and tending to my tot's need day in and day out i still enjoy being a mum. I now have a constant companion who snuggles and showers her love on me. Yes my little one who is now a toddler is now fun to be with. I feel elated at how she imitates me, tries to spill out mamma, baba, quickly picks up things that i teach her each day and the way she dances to Bollywood songs makes me skip a beat. The joy that feel in watching her grow is beyond comprehension. I only have one thing to remind myself each day when i miss being a working person- the moments spent with my baby will never come back. However, i can start off work, rejoin the babdwagon of corporate employees after a break when my tot is a little more independent.

I am still a new mommy, learning the nuances of being a mum. I wish good luck to all the seasoned moms and the moms in the making to bestow them with patience to cope with the challenges of momhood.

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