Monday, April 12, 2010

You Know You're Growing Old When...

You know you are growing old when one or more of the following is true. See for yourselves :D

You keep talking to yourself while working or otherwise.

Even while walking to and fro you keep mumbling to yourself.

You have to add reminders and stick post-it notes to remind your to-dos for the day or for the week.

You maintain a checklist and strike off the task that have been accomplished at EOD (personal/professional)

You refer to people who are a year or two younger than you as kids.

You fervently pray and expect that all your plausible and implausible wishes come true, becoz you’re running short of time.

You decide to stay hungry than to irate your tummy with spicy food

You wear a grumpy expression on New Year’s Eve, since you know the next working day is going to be as hectic as any other day. Why pretend to be happy?

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