Monday, April 12, 2010

Saving Spree

How would you curb your expenses and save yourself from a financial pitfall?
Pretend to forget your Debit/Credit card at home.
Carry minimum amount of cash in your purse/wallet.
Minimize eating outside.
Make a budget for every month and stick to it no matter what.
Set savings goals on a weekly basis.Eliminate excessive coffee drinks/or cut down on unhealthy beverages.
Quit smoking and boozing.
Cut down on apparel/footwear/jewelry shopping (need not run to a mall every time there’s a sale).
Cut down on buying expensive books. Instead take a lifetime membership in a library.
Set an alarm and let it buzz every 15mins when you are out for shopping.
Who cares, I need not cut down on my expenses! After all “Money alone sets the entire world in motion.”

The options in this poll indicate things I haven't been able to follow yet.

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