Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can You Foresee Your Future

You can't change your future, you can't go back to your past to set things right, but what you can do is to foresee your future. Sounds like some clairvoyant who is trying to promote astrology isn't it? But believe me this is not astrology but something similar that helps you to foresee what's in store for you in the future. Most of the people may not believe in any aspect of astrology. But I believe astrology is as logical as any other science.

What am talking about in this post is the power of TAROT cards. Yes I am a strong believer of tarot cards. Let me give you a brief intro about what tarot cards are all about.

The tarot card deck consists of 78 cards, 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The 22 major arcana cards are supposed to depict a journey through one's life, which originates with the Fool card and ends with a card called The World. These cards have been used for fortune telling for centuries.
The minor arcana is the part of the deck that most closely resembles our playing cards of today. The minor arcane contains four suites, which correspond to any game deck you may have around the house. The suits are Wands (Clubs) Cups (Hearts) Pentacles (Diamonds) and Swords (Spades). Also present are the Queen, King and Knight (or Jack) of each suit, plus the addition of Pages, which resemble young men, or women of court, which are not represented in the modern playing deck.

There is much controversy as to the official history of the tarot.
Some say a medieval version of the cards dates back to the early 1400s. Some people claim it to have an Italian origin owing to it's use of Italian imagery. Others say the cards came from China or Egypt. And of course the Gypsies, long associated with the art of fortune telling, are said to have had a hand in the creation, if not the popularity of the cards. The mystery is further stirred when the correspondence of the cards with Cabbalistic or Kabalistic philosophy is considered. Although agreement of the history and origin of the cards is not to be found, it can be agreed that the tarot is a very popular mysterious oracle.

This is as far as history of tarot cards is concerned. But if you want to try it out, visit and see for yourself. First of all clear your mind from all other thoughts, tensions, and worries. Think of the question you want an answer for and then click on the cards one by one. But before you do so you got to have faith before trying it out. You can’t change the future for sure but at least gear up for the things that’s in store for you.

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