Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good v/s Evil

Here comes another story depicting the victory of good over the evil. In this movie the tag line says the mystery continues. The story tries to potray that the good has always been winning and will continue to win over the evil. The victory can come either in this world or from the other world.

But I fail to understand, why do we need to use evil as a means to reach God. Why don't we believe that God already exist. Why don't we believe that there is some kind of supreme power that controls all the activities in our day to day life, one who keeps track of all the good and ugly deeds which we indulge in. I know people who are complete aetheist. They neither believe in God nor believe in the evil. And these people make fun of other people's belief and faith which is sad but true.

I have a different take regarding this topic altogether. I feel that when we indulge in any activity whether it is good or bad, God, the supreme power and if nothing else our conscious self keeps track of all these deeds. So when we commit a sin we pay a price for the same in this world itself. I feel every human being (barring the mentally challenged people)is aware and can take a call on what is good and what is bad. I am not preaching any religion nor am asking people to believe that both God and satan exist.

The point that I am trying to make is-- why indulge in something which we know in the back of our mind will have serious consequences in the future. Why not assume that there is somebody who is watching over us and to whom we can look up to for guidance.

To wrap it up I would say that we should try and think twice before we perform any action (good/bad) to do away with any dire consequences in the future.

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