Friday, August 21, 2009

Smitten by Hallyu-wood

I will never fall out of love with at least something and that is Korean movies. At the mention of Korean movies, there are a few who think that my taste for movies has gone for a toss. But believe me, if you just watch one of the romantic Korean movies, you will vouch for it for sure.

Besides horror movies I like movies with emotional subjects. When it comes to handling emotional subjects I believe Hollywood movies take a back seat to Korean movies. There are movies which leave you with a heavy heart, yet you like watching it over and over again, such as My Sassy Girl and A Moment to Remember. For those of you, who may not have watched My Sassy Girl, am sure you might have watched the Bollywood version of it called Ugly Aur Pagli starring Mallika Sherawat and Ranbir Shorey. As far as My Sassy Girl is concerned the Korean version has the right amount of humor and heartfelt emotions unlike Ugly Aur Pagli. It’s a delightful romantic comedy. But there are many more movies which can bring tears in your eyes. Windstruck is one such movie.

What I like about Korean movies is that the narrative elements are simple, with great humor. The female characters are portrayed as strong and independent and the male characters are portrayed way to sweet. The visual aspect and the background score make it worth watching. If you enjoy watching light headed, romantic comedy then you must watch the movies listed below. Do add to the list if you feel I have left out any.

§ The Classic (5 star)
§ Windstruck (5 star)
§ A Moment to Remember (5 star)
§ Seducing Mr. Perfect (5 star)
§ My Sassy Girl (4 star)
§ Sweet Lies (5 star)
§ Almost Love
§ A Millionaire’s First Love
§ When Romance Meets Destiny
§ Jenny and Juno (3 star)
§ Unstoppable marriage
§ My boyfriend is type b (4 star)
§ Love so divine
§ April Snow (3 star)


satya said...

Add "Acacia" to the list. Though not romantic, it's worth a watch. One of my favorite Korean movies :-)

Mousumi Ghosh said...

Hey Satya! Am glad you enjoy watching Korean movies too :-)