Sunday, September 6, 2009

Longing for the Past

Like finger marks on a frosted window,

you left your first love behind.

You knew, being with you, I felt at ease,

I told you this once and you left, without a word.

You left 'love' to pursue 'reality',

you said, "I want a stable life, coz Life cannot go on only with Love!"

For months afterward, his memories were delivered in the form of a wind chime, with a note attached to it;

"I LOVE U"... I always have, but FaTe chose to keep me away from you...

Coz life is not about what you Deserve or what you Desire, but what is destined to be!

The memories that you hold close to your heart were not just yours...

I can't erase them myself, so I sent them back.

Memories that are nothing; yet mean everything!

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