Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Soul mate- Myth or Reality

Have you ever wondered whether the soul mate you are looking for really exists or it is just a figment of your imagination?

Well, even I don’t have the answer to this question.

People yearn to meet the one all through their lives. Some do meet the one and some don’t.

Wiki defines a “soul mate is a term used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and compatibility.”

For ages we have been hearing about soul mate and how we wish to meet the one. But did we ever ponder upon why the word soul mate is so called?

According to a Greek philosopher, Plato, humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. However, Zeus (Greek God of thunder and sky) feared their power and split them into halves, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them. (Source reference: Wikipedia)From then on people have been searching for their soul mate.

What is my take on this subject? Well, I used to believe this too. But by and by my notion about this whole soul mate thing changed. No, don’t get me wrong, am not discounting the concept. It is just that at present people get to interact with so many people that even if their soul mate would be right under their nose they wouldn’t be able to recognize him/her.

This reminds me of this movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai, where Madhuri was a staunch supporter of this whole soul mate thingy. And she did find hers in King Khan in the movie. In the same way this movie Serendipity (one of my favourites) is based on the same concept. Nevertheless, how many of us can claim that the person we share are life with or are intending to share are life with is our true soul mate. I bet we can’t!

We expect that there is one person who will love us just the way we are. This person would complete our life with qualities that are missing in us. Instead of looking for Mr or Miss Right why can’t we just find the happiness within ourselves? Why build false hopes that the next person will add meaning to our life. Why can’t we make it meaningful and worthwhile ourselves?

Deep down I feel that because of this over-hyped concept of soul mate we build are expectations way too high. We expect so much from our other or better half that this over-expectation leads us to misery, hopelessness, unhappiness, and discontent. People fall in love and when their expectations are not met they fall for someone else, assuming that may be he or she wasn’t my soul mate after all! And then this never ending hunt for Mr or Miss Right continues. Why can’t we become soul mate of our partners, working through the challenges of our lives, rather than looking for a soul mate? We can build mutual trust, love, and respect for our better halves and make a relationship perfect rather than looking for a perfect person to set our lives right.

P.S: A couple of days ago, I read somewhere that human being is polygamous by nature. Wonder if this is true, how many soul mates do we have to look for?

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