Thursday, December 11, 2008

Language a Means of Communication or Discrimination?

Well language is considered as a means of communication. But of late I've come to believe that it's actually used as a way of discriminating people. For instance I considered people over in Hyderabad quite friendly and warm. But few incidents made me change my opinion.

Like for instance, I travel by this MMTS train. And people here invariably start the conversation in their regional language. Ok it's not an issue if the people who hail from villages do that. But if people living in cities assume that evrybody around is an Andharite, it sounds a little strange, and a fact hard to digest. Also when you declare that "Telegu Radu", their attitude towards you changes. Their friendly and smiling faces become not so friendly. They no longer wish to engage in any kind of conversation. They don't offer you a seat even if three people can accomodate.
But I believe that not all people are like that. Some people are friendly no matter what language you speak.

I strongly believe that learning a new language is a good practice. And believe me am trying to pick up this classical langauge as well. But it will take time. I believe in the fact that learning is an active process and if one keeps learning new language, learns about new culture it only adds to his/her experiences. But at the same time people should have respect for other langauges too.

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