Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work Life v/s Student Life

I always used to wonder that people who work can enjoy the life to the fullest. They are no longer dependent on anybody financially, so they need not wait for other people to fulfil any of their wants. They do not have to persuade anybody to transform their desires into reality. But this write-up is not about the advantages of being a professional. This article gives a comparision between the life as student and life as a professional.

Well when you are a student, you have to study and pay to the institution. But when you work, you get paid. Similarly as a student we have to write exams now and then, but as professionals evevry day turns out to be an examination day. It can be said that the day when you take an interview is one of the preliminary exams. Post that you have to take numerous exams.

As a student you can switch to academic bulimia(study on the last day of exam and then forgetevevrything post the exam) but if you do the same as a working person, you are sure to head no where in your career.

As a student you can go for a movie or party, or have night outs, without having to worry that you havev to wake up early in the next day for your office. But as a working person, you can do this only during weekends.

But at one point of time I feel you get a lot more confidence and freedom as aworking person that you can never get when a student.

More to come in the next blog...

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