Thursday, December 11, 2008

MMTS Trains and Women Power

This article is devoted to those who travel by MMTS (Multi Modal Transport System) train. Well I have been travelling by MMTS train for the past 1.6 years. In the beginning I found it very comfortable, convienient, cheap. But as time passed by, I could see the downside of it.

One of the shortcomings of travelling by a local train is that the ladies compartment are frequented by the male members of the society. I guess I've written about this in one of my articles already. But what's new about it. Well, from quite sometime I saw that some fellow commuters (ladies) have started taking up the resposibility for their security. Isn't that great!

What these ladies are up to is that they drive the men out of the PHC section of the ladies compartment. Apparently the educated, non-educated, rural, and the urban men believe that the PHC section of the ladies compartment is meant for men. But this is not true. So these ladies fight and shout and use all possible means to drive them away. I felt it's awesome. Atleast ladies have tried to help themselves. Even I feel all of us should join them in their fight to teach these people (men) a lesson. So gone are the days when ladies would silently suffer the atrocities of men who think that they can do anything possible.

Bravo ladies!

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Vijay K said...

Nice to see your blog.
We have a MMTS Travellers Group.
We are taking up with authorities all issues (including the issue of male travellers frequenting the ladies compartment)
Can you pl. get in touch with us either @ or or visit
Vijay K