Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life as a Singleton

Life as a single person has both good and bad side to it. The good part is that you can live life on your own terms. The bad part about it is that people assume that when you lead a single life you cease to have any responsibility towards yourself. People assume that you have a carefree life where you don't have any other work besides coming to your workplace.

Moreover, people also believe that all the people who reside alone may not be preparing dinner/lunch for themselves. Reason, you are single. There are many instances where people irk you by asking questions for which you may have given answers numerous times. Often times people ask "what do you do on your weekends"? Well single people have many other things to do just as their married counter parts. They have a social life of their own. They need to do household chores like anybody else. So why do you ask such silly and irritating questions.

Other than this people have many other assumptions on the part of singletons. The list is endless and you can't ut down everything on a single :-) write-up.

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