Thursday, December 11, 2008

Public Phones Missing in the MMTS Station

Well, I guess I realized that most no all most all the MMTS stations do not have public phones. I realized that what if I need to make an urgent call and I find zero balance in my cell. What then? So what I feel that even if the number of cell phone users have increased over the years, the public telephones should not be removed from the scene all together. It is quite necessary incase of any casualty or any other form of emergency.

Also care should be taken to have tea stall in all the stations. Apart from main MMTS stations like Lingampalli, Begumpet, Nampally, and the Secunderabad stations you would hardly find any such shops. Also there are no wash rooms in any of the stations other than the Sec'bad stations.

I really don't know whom to escalate this problem but wish that the concerned authorities (SCR) should try to resolve this problem.

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